Mogambo Bar Cafe

At Raphael's Terrazas

Manuel Antonio's LGBT 

WeLcoming Sunset Bar

Mogambo Bar Cafe is gay managed and a long-time popular LGBT spot. It is especially well known for its sunset happy hour and a spectacular view. Its amazing owners and servers make for a very LGBT comfortable atmosphere. Once the sun sets, stay for more drinks, fun and/or enjoy a delicious dinner served from Raphael's Terrazas kitchen below.

Enjoy the sunset, have a drink, then eat. Whether you enjoy the sunset or just have a before dinner cocktail, you are encouraged to stay upstairs at the bar and order food from Raphael's Terrazas. Whatever you order will be served to you upstairs without needing to move.

Book space for your party. Mogambo also has space which can be booked for your private party or tour before, during, or after sunset.  

Raphael's Terrazas. Raphael's Terrrazas restaurant is a contemporary fusion restaurant specializing in seafood and using only local talent. Eat or drink with spectacular ocean and sunset views during the day, and a friendly relaxed atmosphere at night. It has indoor and outdoor terraces with a bar outside on the first level. The second level is Mogambo Bar Cafe.

Mogambo is open 7 days a week from 4pm to midnight.  ALL are welcome!

Mogambo's is located 500 meters past Villa Roca toward the  National Park, above Raphael's Terrazas.

Contact Mogambo Bar Cafe

Call for inquiries or to book the space for your private party: 7090 0883

Contact Raphael's Terrazas

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