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The Gay Beach Playa Playitas

Playa Playitas has long been known as another gay gathering point. After the gay portion of Manuel Antonio's main beach where serious surfers hang out, playitas can be found by walking toward the point and crossing over two sets of rocks.

Gay people typically meet at the far end of this beach. At one time Playitas was a clothing optional beach, but since a hotel opened on the beach nudity is rare. If loosing your tan lines is a must, then some people now go past Playitas and the point over the far rocks or go to Playa Machas.

Crossing the rocks to Playita or the rocky point can be dangerous at high tide. It is recommended to only cross at low tide.

The Gay Beach Playa Machas

If seclusion is what you want then Playa Machas may suit you. People have been known to loose their tan lines there. To find this beach, from the main road walk or drive to Ronnie's restaurant and keep going until the road ends. The first beach is Playa Vacas, then to the right, as the trail goes farther, you will find Playa Machas. Another way is to turn off the main road from Tico Tico, drive or walk toward the ocean and take the first left, at the y-intersection take the left route going down. Then go to the very end of the road at the top of the hill. After this point, the road is not passable by car. Walk to the beach at the end of the path, keep right. 

Beaches in Gay Manuel Antonio

The big attractions to Manuel Antonio are its idyllic beaches, park, and scenery. You have many options, even more beyond those listed here.

The main beach is Playa Espadilla and it is the largest. Playa Playitas is at the far end of the main beach. There are also Playa Beisanz, Playa Doctor's, and in the National Park you will find Playa Manuel Antonio and Playa Escondido.  Playa Machas and Playa Vacas are also options.

During day trips from Manuel Antonio you can encounter many isolated beached at Playa Matapalo, from Baru national Reserve to Dominical, and Playa Ballena near Uvita.


The Gay Beach Playa Espadilla

Playa Espadilla is Manuel Antonio's largest and most crowded beach. It has the National Park at one end and surfing and Playita at the other end.

Near the National Park are a few hotels and restaurants. Here you can find food and drinks, plus a wide variety of beach rentals, such as chairs, sun umbrellas, surf boards, parachute rides, and seadoos.

The Gay End of Espadilla Beach

Most gay people gather away from the park at the far end of the beach,  just to the left of the large rock, or in front of the surfing area. There are no restaurants or services at this end of the beach and it is far less crowded than near the park. From time to time, a few regular peddlers will offer you drinks and snacks. During Weekend, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays it can become very crowded as the picture above shows.

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